In equally high demand as a consultant and speaker, Eric Worre has retired from building as a distributor after earning over $15 million in his esteemed Network Marketing career. Eric has now dedicated his life to being a speaker, trainer, and inspirational force. Eric has conducted live events with more than 300,000 people around the world and always leaves his audiences inspired, empowered, and motivated. If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event, all you need to know is- When Eric gets up on stage, he delivers.

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He will challenge your audience to
DO more, ACHIEVE more, SELL more, RECRUIT more and BE more.
Eric will show them a BETTER WAY.

Go Pro

In 2013, Eric released the International best-selling book “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”, which has sold well over 1 million copies to date and has become a “must read” for anyone who is serious about building their network marketing business. Since its release, the book has consistently remained at the top of the bestseller lists in a half dozen categories on and is one of the highest customer-rated books in the world.

What Eric trains does not conflict with any corporate system. On the contrary, it reinforces it. In the Go Pro book, there are five main themes.

  1. Network Marketing isn’t perfect. It’s just better.
  2. If you’re going to be involved, decide to be a Professional. Decide to “Go Pro.”
  3. Like any profession, there are skills you’ll need to master.
  4. Anything worthwhile takes time.
  5. It’s worth it.

In addition, Eric focuses on the fundamental skills everyone can agree on:

  1. Finding Prospects
  2. Inviting Prospects
  3. Presenting to Prospects
  4. Following Up with Prospects
  5. Closing Prospects
  6. Getting New Distributors Started
  7. Promoting Events

If you haven’t had a chance to read it the book, Eric encourages you to do so. He’s confident that you will find it reinforces everything you teach.

Prior to the book’s release, Eric was asked to come and speak for different companies. After the book’s release, the speaking demand grew much higher. Bringing the author of Go Pro and the creator of Network Marketing Pro in as a speaker turned out to be a great draw for a company’s conventions, leadership events and incentive trip training. It helped to sell tickets and the talks themselves helped move distributors into action.

While Eric enjoys these kinds of events, he’s found that coming in as a “motivational” keynote speaker just doesn’t give him the satisfaction he’s looking for. First, it’s very difficult to provide the training necessary to get long-term results in a short keynote. He can inspire the distributors, sure. But he wants to help them make a real decision about committing to building a business and it just takes more time to do that. Second, Eric knows from personal experience that conventions are expensive. And because of the demands on his own time, his rates have grown to the point that he just becomes an additional expense to the convention budget. While he knows what he brings to the table is worth it, Eric has been searching for a way to have a much bigger impact that doesn’t affect your company’s bottom line.

Eric believes that he has solved that problem. He has come up with a way to provide massive training impact to the companies that hire him and do it in a way that is essentially free for them.

It happened by accident. A few years ago, after many requests, Eric began to hold small group coaching events. People would come to his home for three full days of personalized training. He charged $5,000 per person and have sold out every one he offered. The results were staggering. Eric spent the first full day on the mindset necessary to succeed, the second full day on intensive skill training, and the third full day on their next 12-month strategy and game plan to get amazing results. People raved about it.

Even though Eric was the one teaching and mentoring them — and many of his students broke some of their company’s records and created huge growth and momentum — he thinks he is the one who got the most benefit from the entire experience. All his students were from different companies, different countries and had completely different levels of success: from total newbies who had just joined the company to the top income earners making over million dollars a year in commissions. As a teacher, Eric received the greatest value. He learned a lot about their fears, their emotions and what was holding them back, regardless of their level of experience or their background. When you know exactly how to identify the problem, it’s much easier to fix it. Eric started implementing all this priceless knowledge into his three-day trainings.

Well, in the last six months Eric had a few companies ask him if he would hold a 3-Day Breakthrough event for their entire company. Same format:  day one on Mindset, day two on Skills, and day three on Game Plan and Strategy. A few interesting things happened:

As a result, Eric is not accepting as many keynote requests as he has before and focusing on the companies that wish to bring him in for a 3-Day Breakthrough event. It’s just better all around.

Eric conducted a stand-alone event for a company in Austria in June for 4,000 people. It sold out within a week of being announced and people were fighting for tickets. As soon as that event was complete, they announced another one with capacity for 14,000 in November. The first 10,000 tickets were sold in 24 hours and the remaining 4,000 soon after.

Another company has added a 3-Day Breakthrough event the three days before their annual convention.

There are four or five others in the works. Many are looking to make this an annual event in their corporate calendar. With Eric’s schedule he believes he can do approximately eight of these events a year.

If this is something that would interest you, please contact Marina Worre at to discuss further, including setting up a call where you can talk personally to see if there is a fit.

One More Important Topic

Eric has been around long enough to know that it can be dangerous to bring generic trainers into your organization. Just about every one of them has “come out of retirement” at some time or another and created big distractions for organizations that hired them in the past. So if you’ve had a long-standing policy against these possible distractions, he gets it.

Eric offers you some things to think about if you are considering working with him:

  • Eric is permanently retired from being a distributor (directly or indirectly) for any company. He has signed contracts to that effect with several companies already.
  • Eric will never start his own company in this profession nor will he have any financial interest in a company. He has signed contracts to that effect with companies also.
  • Eric wishes to be Switzerland in this regard — supporting everyone and not picking sides.

Eric does this for several reasons:

  • He is doing what he is meant to do. He has no need or ambition for anything else.
  • Eric would never violate the trust given to him; he would instantly become the most hated person in our profession.
  • And what might give you the most comfort, Eric is doing quite well right where he is.
  • Eric is more than happy to provide you with written confirmation of these assurances to help you feel more comfortable.

If Eric has already spoken for your company, you know what he can bring to the table. He believes you and your field will benefit more from conducting three full days of pure training, which will bring your entire group to a higher level and create massive momentum.

Eric hopes that helps. He loves network marketing. He loves the people involved as distributors. He loves the company owners and the people working in those companies. He loves everything about it. Network Marketing truly IS a better way.

If you see a possible fit, Eric wants to talk to YOU.

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Hubert Freidl

“The trainings cleverly combined theoretical approaches of network marketing with concrete examples and exercises. The immense knowledge imparted, the attention to detail and the Lyconet Marketers’ high level of satisfaction were of particular value to our company.”
-Hubert Freidl, CEO Lyoness Group AG

Tony Robbins

“You are totally sincere, and you really deliver the goods. You are not just pumping people up, you give people real skill sets to be a Pro!”
– Tony Robbins